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Atlantic Investment Group

Committed to
Responsible Investment

We believe that responsible investments start from within! We have a wonderful group of professionals that operate with a people-first mentality. Our success is based on making sure that the people we invest in and for are our primary priority. 


Do you want to join the team? If so we would love to have to hear from you! 

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Portfolio Companies

Investing in the Future

Rinse and Repeat was founded in 2021. Since our establishment, we’ve invested in and partnered with a number of startups that are doing great things in their respective fields. When it comes to investing, there’s no such thing as approaching us too early. In fact, the earlier we come on board, the better. 

Potential is Everywhere

Rinse and Repeat is working to gain a reputation as a top Investment Company. Our main goal is to support minority, and LGBT founders from the initial stages of their burgeoning business until they achieve a successful exit.

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